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We love  hearing from our homeowners ... especially with comments like these!

Stan and Dinah

"They really know what they are doing when it comes to building fine quality and custom homes.  Over three years after moving in, we are still so pleased with our Laurel Brook home.  Mike's passion for quality combined with Jennifer's  eye for design make an unbeatable combination.  They've also given excellent customer service after the sale."

Mike and Karen

"Laurel Brook Homes was a pleasure to work with builing our luxury home.  Mike Parker offered a variety of options in both design and features.  We believe our home is built extremely well and the utility bills have reflected that.  It was a pleasure dealing with Laurel Brook Homes."

John and Hope

"Thank you Laurel Brook Homes and Mike Parker for helping us build the home of our dreams.  The extremes Mike went to insure our satisfaction before, during, and AFTER the building of our home were nothing short of amazing to us.  Fromthe time Mike helped us choose a lot and find a home plan until the first night we spent in our new home, we always felt like building our home was his number one priority.  He and Jennifer were always there to guide us through the process, step by step, by offering valuable advice and helping us with decisions. 

This was not our first time building and we knew what to expect.  Building a new home is never a perfect process and the occaisional hitch is to be expected.  Mike helped to minimize these by constantly communicating with us and visiting the site frequently.

Quality construction, attention to detail, timely completion, and great communication ... we got it ALL and we fully enjoyed the entire process of building with Mike and Laurel Brook Homes."

Mark and Marcy

"Laurel Brook Homes and Mike Parker made our move to Murfreesboro be as pleasant as could be expected.  He not only provided us with a beautiful home, but was always there to handle any situation.  The move in and punch list items were taken care of with extra attention!"

Mark and Jennifer

"Moving into a new area is always a stressful experience and finding a home builder you can be comfortable with can be dicey. 

Our decision to go with Mike Parker was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Our new home is fantastic and working with Mike made all the difference.  He really cares about the quality of his homes and was committed to make sure we were satisfied.  We would do it again." 

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